Please be sure to read the rules before attending the event!


Please remain calm at all times, if you need assistance please contact a security person they are always dressed in a bright orange shirt (so you cannot miss them) they will be able to help you.

Do not touch the actors (most are zombies after all so they do tend to bite) and the actors will not touch you.  Sometimes a patron or actor may accidentally touch each other due to the close quarters this is acceptable but please try your best to leave enough distance between yourself and the actors.

No photography or videos during our walk through the attraction.  We do have actors waiting in line that are very photogenic and we love to pose with you for a selfie or better yet, a photo with friends in front of our backdrop (set up just for you).

No smoking, eating, drugs, or alcohol allowed inside the attraction.  We do have food trucks and a concession stand.  You can stop by on the way into the event ( you will need your strength) or on the way out (we would love for you to stay awhile).  Better yet, eat on the way in and the way out.

No backpacks, large purses, high heel shoes, open toe shoes  or strollers are allowed.  The attraction is a 45 minute walk through the woods and it is dark.  Closed shoes are needed for this event.  It is October after all, you should not be wearing open toe shoes in New England at this time of year anyway!

No weapons of any kind, we have security personnel onsite which will be there to check guests, in order to secure the safety of our guests and our volunteers.

If you have any disabilities that will prevent you from walking through the trail unassisted, please see our security staff and we can provide a guide to help you through.

The attraction consists of flashing strobe lights, loud noises, fog machines, small places, dark places, actors that jump out at you, props that spring out at you and many other scary things.  The trail is located in the woods and is lit but still very dark with uneven ground.  Do not enter the attraction if you cannot easily make it through this type of terrain.  We will not refund your money if you have to leave, but we will provide security to help you find your way out.

We do not recommend this attraction for any children under 10 years of age, anyone that is pregnant, has a heart condition, asthma or if you are prone to seizures.  Please use your best judgment when deciding if this event is for you.  We want you to enjoy it.

We do have the right to ask you to leave the attraction, with no refunds,  if you become unruly, so please try your best to behave yourself.